Drupal core is built and maintained by the Drupal project community. Everyone is encouraged to submit issues and changes (patches) to improve Drupal, and to contribute in other ways -- see http://drupal.org/contribute to find out how. Branch maintainers ------------------ The Drupal Core branch maintainers oversee the development of Drupal as a whole. The branch maintainers for Drupal 7 are: - Dries Buytaert 'dries' http://drupal.org/user/1 - Angela Byron 'webchick' http://drupal.org/user/24967 - David Rothstein 'David_Rothstein' http://drupal.org/user/124982 Component maintainers --------------------- The Drupal Core component maintainers oversee the development of Drupal subsystems. See http://drupal.org/contribute/core-maintainers for more information on their responsibilities, and to find out how to become a component maintainer. Current component maintainers for Drupal 7: Ajax system - Alex Bronstein 'effulgentsia' http://drupal.org/user/78040 - Earl Miles 'merlinofchaos' http://drupal.org/user/26979 Base system - Damien Tournoud 'DamZ' http://drupal.org/user/22211 - Moshe Weitzman 'moshe weitzman' http://drupal.org/user/23 Batch system - Yves Chedemois 'yched' http://drupal.org/user/39567 Cache system - Damien Tournoud 'DamZ' http://drupal.org/user/22211 - Nathaniel Catchpole 'catch' http://drupal.org/user/35733 Cron system - Derek Wright 'dww' http://drupal.org/user/46549 Database system - Larry Garfield 'Crell' http://drupal.org/user/26398 - MySQL driver - Larry Garfield 'Crell' http://drupal.org/user/26398 - David Strauss 'David Strauss' http://drupal.org/user/93254 - PostgreSQL driver - Damien Tournoud 'DamZ' http://drupal.org/user/22211 - Josh Waihi 'fiasco' http://drupal.org/user/188162 - Sqlite driver - Damien Tournoud 'DamZ' http://drupal.org/user/22211 Database update system - Ashok Modi 'BTMash' http://drupal.org/user/60422 Entity system - Wolfgang Ziegler 'fago' http://drupal.org/user/16747 - Nathaniel Catchpole 'catch' http://drupal.org/user/35733 - Franz Heinzmann 'Frando' http://drupal.org/user/21850 File system - Andrew Morton 'drewish' http://drupal.org/user/34869 - Aaron Winborn 'aaron' http://drupal.org/user/33420 Form system - Alex Bronstein 'effulgentsia' http://drupal.org/user/78040 - Wolfgang Ziegler 'fago' http://drupal.org/user/16747 - Daniel F. Kudwien 'sun' http://drupal.org/user/54136 - Franz Heinzmann 'Frando' http://drupal.org/user/21850 Image system - Andrew Morton 'drewish' http://drupal.org/user/34869 - Nathan Haug 'quicksketch' http://drupal.org/user/35821 Install system - David Rothstein 'David_Rothstein' http://drupal.org/user/124982 JavaScript - Théodore Biadala 'nod_' http://drupal.org/user/598310 - Steve De Jonghe 'seutje' http://drupal.org/user/264148 - Jesse Renée Beach 'jessebeach' http://drupal.org/user/748566 Language system - Francesco Placella 'plach' http://drupal.org/use